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Common name: White mushroom

White Mushrooms

Button mushrooms are the first pick of the crop with a cap size from 20-40mm. Closed cup mushrooms can range from 40-70mm. Both are an off white colour and have tightly closed caps with no gills showing. They are the most popular mushroom type on the market. They have a firm, delicate texture and mild flavour that intensifies when cooked. Small open cup mushrooms have caps of less than 70mm with their gills showing; these wonders are ideal to sauté or stuff.
The large open, also known as “flat” mushroom is the most mature of the growing cycle. This mushroom is fully open with gills showing and the cap can range from 70-110mm. Due to the mushrooms maturity and natural cycle of spawning, the large open has a strong flavour and oozes with juice when cooked.

Preparation and Serving Suggestions:

Lightly rinse, wipe or brush with damp paper towel. Trim the stem and eat raw, sauté or roast. This versatile mushroom can be cooked as a main meal solution, side dish or remove the stem to fill and grill.

Common name: Brown mushroom

chestnut-mushroom-growing-frameThe brown mushroom is a more flavourful cousin of the white mushroom. The mushrooms are harvested to the same cap size range as the white mushroom. The outer skin is medium to dark brown with a buttery texture and the inner flesh is white.

The Portabello mushroom is a large brown open mushroom. Like the white “flat” mushroom, it is at full maturity and packed with flavour. A real “foodies” delight.

Preparation and Serving Suggestions:

Lightly rinse, brush, or wipe with a damp paper towel. Trim the stem and use in the same way as the cap. Sauté. Great as an appetizer, very tasty in a fresh baguette or as a meat replacement.


The white and brown mushrooms are harvested directly into loose packaging, 1.5kg – 3kg trays or into pressed pulp punnets or polypropylene punnets. The punnets are over-wrapped with stretch film to maintain quality and freshness.