mushroom-tunnelsgrowing-traysIn 2000 the farm was converted to organic mushroom growing, embracing the practice of a chemical and pesticide free harvest with exceptional hygiene protocols to avoid potential pest and disease risks.
Mushroom growing is not a precise science; atmospheric changes within the growing cycle will make the mushrooms grow.

After the organic substrate has been filled into the growing trays, the indoor growing houses have air handling units that will keep the mushroom beds comfortable at 26°C; this will encourage the mycelium to grow to the top of the casing layer.

After 6 days, there is a white growth covering on the top of the growing trays. The room temperature is then reduced and fresh air is added. This step in the growing cycle “shocks” the mycelium into thinking it’s near the end of its life cycle and as a result, they produce the reproductive fruit which we call the mushroom. The growth of the mushroom from then on is very quick; mushrooms will double in size every 24 hours.

The mushrooms are hand harvested daily, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year and chilled within one hour. After cooling the mushrooms are picked and made ready for dispatch.

Packer-frameEach mushroom crop will last for 4 weeks, producing 3 different crops or “flushes”. At the end of the growing cycle, the substrate is steam sterilized before the growing trays are tipped out and washed, ready to be re-filled with the next crop.